Monday, July 19, 2004

The Left sees the "black helicopters", too:
So I went to see F911. I went to the art film house near the Michigan campus, since I didn't want to encourage a real capitalist theatre franchise to continue to show it. I figured the State Street Theatre will gobble up this kind of stuff anyway and besides they need the money to replace the seating which I swear was made for the hindquarters of the jockey Eddie Shoemaker.

Richard Cohen, columnist for the Post and no friend o' W, began his recent column about F911, "Baloney, Moore or Less":

"I brought a notebook with me when I went to see Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and in the dark made notes before I gave up, defeated by the utter stupidity of the movie..."

It really is that bad. It reminded me of the infamous Vince Foster murder video that was put out by the lunatic fringe of the right during the Clintonschena (age of Clinton). I am totally flabbergasted at how such a piece of conspiracy dreck can can get such attention from otherwise serious people.

I felt sorry for the woman featured in the "film" who lost her son in Iraq - you certainly could sympathize with her. She was angry for losing her son, and she reacted how many mothers would in this circumstance. But I also felt that Mikey was exploiting her. There is a curious scene where she travels to the White House to find some venue for her anger and frustration. It's clearly arranged with Moore to be filmed - fine - that is between Moore and his subject. But there also appears in the clip a girl filming the filmmaker - had Moore brought his camp followers of publicists? Wait, I better stop before I start seeing visions of Freemasons and Bilderbergs dancing in my sleep...