Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Wilderness Era.

The Dems took Congers, and a blind man could have seen it coming. Denny Hastert has brought back the "good old days" of House Minority Leader in Perpetuity Robert Michel, where Republicans rolled over and play dead for years and years. Insane spending, weak-knees on border security, rump-covering on criminal sexual behavior by House members, and a White House that is terminally inarticulate in explaining the stakes of the current conflict insured a Republican vacuum to be filled by the noxious fumes of Pelosi and Reid.

Help us, Obi-Ron Kenobi!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Meanwhile, somewhere on the Rio Grande...

As reported in Investor's Business Daily (as noted in Protein Wisdom):

"...A five-page section of a new analysis from House Homeland Security Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, is devoted to terrorist infiltration. It documents the discovery by law enforcement officials of terrorist paraphernalia near the Rio Grande.

The McCaul report found that hundreds of illegal aliens from the Middle East were successfully smuggled over the border into the U.S., including members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah. The FBI reports that citizens from nations with an al-Qaida presence are learning Spanish and changing their names to make them Hispanic-sounding in order to pose as Latin Americans and cross the border more easily. Hugo Chavez's regime in Caracas has even provided identity documents to nationals of countries that support terrorists; several Pakistanis recently were caught at the border with such fraudulent Venezuelan papers, the report noted..."

The Speaker-Elect's Iraq Visions.

Nancy Pelosi said to Charles Gibson on ABC World News that conflict in Iraq will cease once American forces leave. Why? Well, once we leave, there'll be nothing to shoot at: according to San Fran Nan, the only reason that the "bad guys" (her phrase) are there is that we are there. Pelosi claims there's no real interest by the "bad guys" setting up a "bad place" - a terror state, that is. Kinda like Indochina, we assume, but with no messy boatpeople problem to worry about?

Whizbang follows up...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Occam's Politicks.

Well, tonight is Election Night, and there have been the predictable "why do so few vote?" news articles. The familiar litany of reasons is invoked: indecipherable ballots, too many steps between the parking lot and voting booth, weekday voting, citizenship requirements, etc. But never do we hear the far less elaborate proposition: some people are just ignorant, apathetic slobs.

Prognostication: various stuffed shirts will holler and spit at each other on various TV programs, and the hollering and spitting will continue tomorrow, the day after, ad infinitum. The sun will rise tomorrow, and we will all get up to start another day.