Friday, July 08, 2005

The War to Save Civilization.

The horrible events of yesterday in London are a brutal reminder that we are in a death struggle with the forces of evil and darkness. Nothing less. Tom Friedman declared it to be World War III after 9/11; the attacks in Bali, Madrid, Moscow, Beslan, and now London should be ample corroboration for Friedman's claim.

This war's stakes are basic human liberties such as speech, religion, travel, economic, intellectual, and cultural intercourse, and the dignity of individual thought as bestowed by our Creator. These essential freedoms are threatened by a splinter perversion of religion that requires complete and mindless adherence to theology - as revealed by an infalliable elite - or death with rest of the "infidel" world.

A unavoidable decision now faces the peoples of the world, and citizens of civilized societies: will you join this struggle against the forces of darkness or by your inaction collude with them?

Efraim Halevi writes in the Jerusalem Post: (thanks to The Daily Demarche)

...There will be supreme tests of leadership in this unique situation and people will have to trust the wisdom and good judgment of those chosen to govern them. The executives must be empowered to act resolutely and to take every measure necessary to protect the citizens of their country and to carry the combat into whatever territory the perpetrators and their temporal and spiritual leaders are inhabiting.

The rules of combat must be rapidly adjusted to cater to the necessities of this new and unprecedented situation, and international law must be rewritten in such a way as to permit civilization to defend itself. Anything short of this invites disaster and must not be allowed to happen.

The aim of the enemy is not to defeat western civilization but to destroy its sources of power and existence, and to render it a relic of the past. It does not seek a territorial victory or a regime change; it wants to turn western civilization into history and will stop at nothing less than that. It will show no mercy or compassion and no appreciation for these noble values when practiced by us.

This does not mean that we can or should assume the norms of our
adversaries, nor that we should act indiscriminately. It does mean that the only way to ensure our safety and security will be to obtain the destruction, the complete destruction, of the enemy.

Much has been said in recent years about the vital need for international cooperation. There is no doubt that this is essential. Yet no measure of this will suffice and it cannot replace the requirement that each and every country effectively declare itself at war with
international Islamist terror and recruit the public to involve itself actively in the battle, under the direction of the legal powers that be...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Curiosities in the matter of Kelo.

VodkaPundit has found a hot trail from Kelo involving Nancy Pelosi and some very wealthly bicoastal developers...
Cato to G8: Stop Enabling African Tyrants.

Moeletsi Mbeki has written an essay for the Cato Institute that is a breath of fresh air compared to the brain-dead calls for unconditional debt forgiveness. His solution: empower normal people with property rights and stop the top-down funding strategy that only encourages kleptocracy.

Meanwhile, anarchists and hoodlums in "solidarity" with suffering Africans, reenact their misery of the last forty-five years by laying waste to the Scottish countryside and ruining the livelihoods of innocent people.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Coming to a Theatre Near You?

Unlikely, but the talented Evan Coyle Maloney of Brain Terminal is working on a sequel to Brainwashing 101, entitled Indoctrinate U. On a related note, Thayrone X, on his WAAM talk show On the Edge, recently interviewed a fellow who has written a re-revisionist history of Hollywood's Blacklist era. Spoiler follows: there were hard-core Communists in Hollywood, and it was a good thing that guys like Elia Kazan stood up to them.
Hang Down Your Head, Al-Tikriti...

The perfect venue is picked for Saddam's trial.