Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some Guyz Get All Da Breaks.

If you need an escape from the lunatic promises of the Neo-Utopians (I know that I'm not the one I've been waiting for; there's a bit of causality problem with that), then go rent Pal Joey (1957). Great Rodgers and Hart songs that became branded by Frank and Nelson Riddle, and - of course - the traffic stopping beauty of Kim Novak, Rita Hayworth, and fifties San Francisco. Frank said he did not mind giving up top billing to Rita because that made for a Hayworth - Sinatra - Novak sandwich. Amen, Pal.
Death, Taxes, and Higher Costs for a College Education.

As surprising as the Spring Peepers in the spring, the University of Michigan With The Huge Endowment has announced that room and board will increase above the rate of inflation for the 2008-2009 academic year, with the following blabber to justify it:

“Our commitment to supportive and dynamic residential experiences is at the heart of our mission for the students,” says Carole Henry, assistant vice president for student affairs and director of University Housing. “We are creating new living spaces that respond to the needs of today’s and future students — not only personal comforts, but also places for community and learning opportunities. That we can strengthen the connection of social and academic vitality for our students has tremendous value.”

Ye Gods, we are doomed. Any of that Wild Turkey left?

The Academic Circus.

Long gone are the days of a college professor relishing a vigorous debate with her students on a lecture thesis. Now you sue your students for anti-intellectualism and violating your civil rights. The Wall Street Journal has the details here. Pass us the Wild Turkey, would you please?