Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Victory in Congressional Accountability.

Under the Mainstream Meatpacker radar, Porkbusters reports that earmarks in bills will be disclosed in full in the House.

Monday, June 25, 2007

What is Meatballism?

Meatballism is a term coined by Jean Shepherd (of radio, PBS, and A Christmas Story fame). It can be defined as the loss of individuality by uncritical acceptance of statements, designations, and claims of fact.

As an example, Shepherd used the noxious substitution by businesses of the the word "employee" with "associate" - which apparently plagued America as early as 1957. This habit continues, where Wal-Mart has "associates", Starbucks has "baristas", other businesses use "partners", "team members", "hosts", etc. Where in the heck does the word "barista" even come from? It's Italian, and supposedly it designates an expert at expresso making. This term is a sop to the English major whose pushing the buttons on the coffee machine at Starbucks (no offense intended, it's honest work) as if the guy has been endowed by the Starbucks elders with The Secret Coffee Wisdom. And it's supposed to make the rest of us feel truly blessed and honored to pay $3.50 for some expresso, milk, and froth: my Barista made it just for me!

Meatballism is the tap root of political correctness, fear mongering (e.g. cancerous BBQ), and the hemlock of modern life - euphemizing evil.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Fearmonger's 4th.

Just in time for the celebration of Independence Day are the appearance of hysterical articles on the deadly effects of BBQ. The highlight in the retread "news" article: no standards for exposure to carcinogenic grillchar have yet been established. So let's all play it safe: stay in your hermetically sealed vestibules, and engage only in virtual grilling on YouTube. But just in case, limit that to avoid eyestrain.