Friday, February 22, 2008

Vials of Obama Speech Spittle on EBay!

Madeya look!
ABC 's Operation "Stain McCain".

ABC News' "The Blotter" blog has its own hit piece on John McCain, concerning the indictments of two volunteer officials of McCain state campaign committees. It even includes the snarky* comment,"Together, [the indictees] Renzi and Allen appear to put McCain in the lead of White House contenders with support from federally indicted officials." No substance, of course, but it might help Msrs. Ross and Surowicz, the Blotter's scribblers, to finally get on the A-list for cocktails parties.

*"snarky", snide and sarcastic; see any written material by Maureen Dowd.
Worse Than Wrong.

Many of the left-wing hacks point to the "on the record" source for the NYT's McCain smearticle, John Weaver, as the smoking gun that proves Mac's ethical and personal malfeasance. Here's Weaver's statement to the WaPo's "The Fix" political blog:

The New York Times asked for a formal interview and I said no and asked for written questions. The Times knew of my meeting with Ms. Iseman, from sources they didn't identify to me, and asked me about that meeting. I did not inform Senator McCain that I asked for a meeting with Ms. Iseman. Her comments, which had gotten back to some of us, that she had strong ties to the Commerce Committee and his staff were wrong and harmful and I so informed her and asked her to stop with these comments and to not be involved in the campaign. Nothing more and nothing less. I responded to the Times on the record about a meeting they already knew about. The campaign received a copy of my response to the Times the same day, which was in late December.

From the day I first approached John about running for President in 1997 and through today, I have always wanted John to be president. The country needs him at this perilous time. From the moment I left the campaign until today, not one day --not one --has gone by that I haven't reactively or pro-actively talked with the campaign leadership, with state leadership about how the campaign and how to win. To suggest anything else is wrong, a lie and meant to do nothing but harm.

Smoking gun or empty water pistol? These hacks know Weaver's statement but continue to spin the "on the record" source malarkey.
The Transcendent Moment of the Presidential Election of 2008.

Barack Obama blows his nose. Courtesy of those who brought you Pet Rocks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mac vs. Meatpackers.

Much ink has been spilled about this morning's New York Times article suggesting that John McCain had an affair with a lobbyist and that his decisions were influenced as chairman of a Senate committee on telecommunications. We can offer no comments that have not been said before. It's an article that is long on innuendo and short on evidence, and uses old and discredited history to indicate a pattern of behavioron the part of the senator. The authors appeared to leave out a great deal of evidence that contradicts their thesis, and failed to acknowledge that McCain did respond to many written questions submitted by the reporters during the prepartion of this article. Is it time for hard-hitting investigative reporting on investigative reporting?

Update: is the story a retread?

TR Music Video!

No national life is worth having if we are not willing to defend it -
Theodore Roosevelt, address to US Naval War College, March 9, 1898.

(YouTube video from Vintage Antique Classics)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not As Advertised.

Robert Samuelson looks behind the curtain at Obama's ideas and find them to be very divergent from his lofty rhetoric: merely shallow, leftist boilerplate.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Stevie Wonder has composed a little ditty, "Barack-Obama", based on going up and down the C scale, and it reminded us of previous "President as Rockstar" campaigns. Teddy White wrote of the "Jumpers", teenage girls who would jump up and down at JFK rallies, crying "I seen him!", when they caught a glimpse of their idol. When watching a BO rally one is reminded of the JFK Jumpers.
Unlike BO, however, JFK never mistook rhetoric for substance. BO has constructed speeches with Castro-like length, though.
Dumb, and Proud of It.

Susan Jacoby laments "Americans' anti-intellectualism, anti-rationalism and low expectations."