Saturday, August 02, 2008

Stuck on Traffic.

Groovin' to "Paper Sun"! Enjoy! (Hat tip to Little Steven Van Zandt!)

Change We Can Renege On.

Mr. Obama has decided to play it safe and has weaseled out of a series of unscripted, unrehearsed, and uncontrolled joint appearances in front of regular Americans with Mr. McCain. He has also canceled all press conferences during his first year of his inevitable presidency, and instead will tape a series of inspirational messages to be played on the equinoxes and solstices.
A Time for Choosing.

John Fund pens an excellent column in WSJ Opinion about the disastrous consequences of the Congressional Culture of Corruption on the GOP. Were not Republicans sent to Washington to behave unlike Democrats?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Tonic for the Madness.

You can park in front of the TV, strobe through the channels, and get an adreniline rush of images and sounds from the Midway: MSNBC's Shockdoc of the Night, Nancy Grace and her Heinous Crime Du Jour, acne removers, real estate "systems", Bill O'Reilly yelling at somebody or something, The Alledged World Greatest Dog, Arena Football, yet another showing of The Wizard of Oz, costume jewelry hawked by a "celebrity", Gene Simmons' domestic bliss, The Weather Channel's Storm Stories, infantile rap "artists" trashing a million-dollar home, cops chasing yet another moron on dope, some schnook looking for a big wad of free money in a suitcase with loved ones yelling them on, and on and on and on...

Stroll the Midway too often and you will go mad.

Or you can go flyfishing for smallmouth bass on the Huron River. You can watch a blue heron patrol the river from overhead, turtles sunning themselves on a log, and Hexagenia mayflies dancing above the moving water.

Go fishing too often and you will find peace and a quiet soul.
Liberal Fascism.

Jonah Goldberg's book, Liberal Fascism, has been ridiciculed and denounced by the literary elites. Perhaps some of the outrage over his book is because he's on to something? John Fund discusses a few recent cases of Liberal Fascism : the strongarm tactics by the Michigan-based group BAMN ("By Any Means Necessary") to sabotage petition drives for ballot referenda on race-neutral hiring practices in Arizona and Missouri, and similar thuggery that faced those who dared to circulate a petition in Michigan to recall State House Speaker Andy Dillion.