Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Moorean Spin of the Manchurian Candidate.

You knew this would be modern Hollywood's twist to the Frankenheimer classic.

Megan Lehmann's review of Demme's remake of the Manchurian Candidate:

"In order to retain the brand recognition of the title, yet get around the lack of communist bad guys, the filmmakers turn to today's popular stand-by villain - big business. In this case, it's a faceless but awesomely powerful private equity fund called Manchurian Global which, in a clear allusion to Halliburton and the Carlyle Group, is accused of war profiteering."

Let's check Demme for a chip in the shoulder, implanted by the 3XL conglomerate

Friday, July 30, 2004

Where Have You Gone, Joey Lieberman?

Dispelling any illusions that The War on Terror is mostly about diplomacy and criminal justice, or reforming our evil ways towards the Islamic world, Joe Lieberman said during his small slot at the Dem's convention -

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's Address to the Democratic National Convention:

"...we were brutally attacked by Islamist terrorists who hate us more than they love their own lives; fanatics who are as great a threat to our security and freedom as the Nazis and Communists we defeated in the last century (emphasis added). Make no mistake: This war, like those earlier conflicts, is a war of values. Our enemies reject values, our founding faith that every child on earth is endowed by our creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Joe Lieberman is the last leaf on the once-mighty oak of Liberal Hawks: Truman, JFK, and Henry "Scoop" Jackson.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Despite Unprecedented Security, Toxic Gas Envelops Fleet Center

Like a binary nerve agent, Hil & Bill's blabber made one's vision blur, teeth clench, mouth salvivate uncontrolably, and bladder and bowels promptly void.
A typical Slick speech: a deluge of wonknuggets and factoids to damn W and the GOP - and not one statement you're sure you can believe. One can suffer the bombast on domestic issues, the pothole stuff. But the attack on foreign policy - irreconcilable hostility (and by inference hostility toward our allies Britain, Australia, Italy) - it's just wrong, Slick. Did I hear you right - that W used post-911 unity to pass the tax cuts??

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The dog ate the Fox News invitation?
C-SPAN televised the Umteenth Preconvention Gathering of the TV News Anchorcritters at the JFK School for Gummint (a tip of the hat to Walt Kelly!). In attendance were Dan, Tom, Peter, Jim (People's Broadcasting System), and Judy (CNN). But wait - where was Fox's Brit Hume? OK, I guess it was restricted to over-the-air broadcasters...uh no, wait... Judy's there. Well, Brit wouldn't have attended anyway, right? Too busy plotting with the Vast Right Wing Cabal to whip up war fever against Iran...And what about our favorite skunk under the picnic table, Bernie Goldberg? No where in sight. I guess Dan Rather laid down the law.

Given the event is across the river from Beantown, the room was overrun by Dems. No familiar personel from the Psychotic Right, like Mort Kondracke. Hard hitting questions such as: 1. Peter, do you think the media is biased? ("Why no, of course not! Were fair and balanced!"), 2. Why weren't you tougher on the Administration on the follow-up to the Iraq War? 3. Don't you think Right-Wing Conglomerates are taking over the media? 4. Why aren't the networks providing continuous coverage of our week-long infomercial?

Al Franken was in attendance, collecting autographs. Why is it he could just recite the current barometric pressure and this crowd would howl with laughter?