Monday, September 13, 2010

Now That's Efficiency!

From CNBC: Senator Carl Levin will attend A123 Systems' opening of its new car battery plant today in Livonia, Michigan. It will provide 3000 jobs...provided by $2.4B of Federal Stimulus Ham. That's a paltry $800K per job. Observers of the electric car business note that there may already exist a substantial surplus in electric car battery production in the U.S. Levin's answer: more Federal Ham to pay folks to buy electric cars. The Chevy Volt will start at a list price $40K. Will Uncle Sam throw in $10K of that to make them competitive with comparable vehicles with conventional power plants?
Iran Gaming Nuclear Inspections.

The New York Times reports that Tehran refuses access of the IAEA's most experienced inspectors to its nuclear development programs, including the agency's chief inspector for Middle East nuclear programs.