Thursday, February 07, 2008

"...And He is Us."

The title is from Pogo's famous observation "we have met the enemy, and he is us".

Jayson Javitz at Wizbang hits the nail on the head:

The anti-McCain radio blocs also have managed to accomplish the ultimate in the way of ironies. They've become the very same things of which they've incessantly accused the far left: Factually inaccurate, driven solely by agenda, uninformed, misinformed, petty, arrogant, incompetent.

Enough said.
In Defense of McCain.

Bill Bennett and Seth Liebsohn provide the antidote to McCain Derangement Syndrome.
So Glib and Irresponsible.

Ann Coulter has followed up her much-trumpeted "support" for Hillary Clinton in the case of McCain's GOP nomination with a column detailing McCain's heresies that compels her realignment. It's the standard stuff: Gang of 14, "pro-amnesty", McCain-Feingold, etc.

Notably absent: Iraq, except for a terse four-word dismissal.

Let's be perfectly clear about where the Dems stand on Iraq: both Clinton and Obama have stated that most if not all of American forces will be out of Iraq by 2010 if either of them were to become president. In fact, during the last Dem debate Clinton and Obama discussed the need to evacuate and assist those Iraqis that had been so foolish to think that the United States had been committed to securing a stable, safe, and democratic Iraq. Think of human beings clinging to the undercarriage of helicopters atop the US Embassy.

Such tunnel-vision by Coulter is intellectual dishonesty, which one thought she detested. Shame on her for it, and her apparent little regard that she has for the sacrifice that the US has made in Iraq and for the Iraqis who have their pledged their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor for their country.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday.

All one can ask for today's vote is for one to truly vote for whom one believes is best...and then let the chips fall as they may and support the party's nominee. But for some in the conservative ecosystem to declare that if McCain would prevail to become the GOP nominee that they will "take their ball and go home" and not cast a ballot in November is completely irresponsible.

Last week's Democrat debate left no doubt that Clinton and Obama are committed to withdrawl of American forces from Iraq by the beginning of 2010. This is *the* critical issue that will distinguish a Democrat or Republican White House. Such a withdrawl would cut the throat of the Iraqi people, and those in the conservative "movement" who advocate sitting November out if McCain is the nominee truly risk such a disaster in Iraq.

These videos are truly offered without prejudice. The first are cuts from the 1994 Massachussetts senatorial debate between Ted Kennedy and Mitt Romney:

Hmmm...not the Mitt we know now. The second is video is provided by the Romney campaign showing his explanation of his policy reversals on the Glenn & Helen Show Podcast:

Draw your own conclusions.

Monday, February 04, 2008


At the conclusion of a recent public lecture on cosmology at the University of Michigan, the lecturer conducted an anonymous poll of the 200+ attendees as to whether they believed that (1) God created the universe and is still active in guiding it, (2) God created the universe but is now absent from it, or (3) God does not exist. The result of the poll was about 30% of the responding attendees chose (1), 10% chose (2), and 60% chose (3). There may be a sampling bias - the population consisted of people getting up on a Saturday morning to attend a physics lecture - but it's an interesting result nevertheless.
In Their Own Voices.

The American Institute of Physics has a great oral history site, "Moments of Discovery", featuring the discovery of nuclear fission, pulsars, and superconductivity. Featured are the voices of Rutherford, Einstein, Hahn, and others describing events that altered our understanding of the universe.