Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

Detroit's Nightmare Over...For Now.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has resigned, effective September 18. He acknowledged his wrong doing, but gave no apology for it. He angrily scolded Governor Granholm for his woes, very much in the manner a robber curses the cop for catching him. It would be unfair not to give Kilpatrick credit for his accomplishments, yet they also amplify the tragedy caused by his hubris. He has promised a comeback, but most Detroiters prefer to move on.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On McCain's Reading List...

Should be this column by David Brooks.
Todd Palin's Snowmobile Adds to Global Warming.

Yet another issue that questions McCain's judgement in his VP pick.
When Did Sarah Palin Stop Beating Her Children?

We know there is no evidence for this accusation, but the fact that we have asked the question must indicate that McCain's vetting process for Palin was inadequate.

The most illuminating performance of the Mainstream Meatpackers since the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can't Get The Stink Off.

In just the last 36 hours, here are some of the claims and accusations that have been leveled at Ms. Palin:

  • she violated Alaskan law by firing a state government employee for family interests
  • she's hired legal counsel to defend herself against the above charge
  • she wants to force schools to teach creationism in science classes
  • well, she doesn't want to force the teaching of creationism, but she believes in it
  • she wore a Pat Buchanan button and is therefore an anti-Semite
  • she wants to kill polar bears
  • her husband was arrested for DUI (more than twenty years ago)
  • she is a member of a kooky Alaskan successionist movement
  • if she isn't a member of a kooky Alaskan successionist movement, she at least delivered an address to them
  • the address was only 90 seconds long, was done by videotape, and was a generic "good luck with your convention" speech, but it's still controversial to do such a thing
  • she fished without a license
  • she changed her mind to oppose the "Bridge to Nowhere"
  • she selfishly works outside the home to the neglect of her children
  • she irresponsibly brought a Down's Syndrome child to term
  • she was irresponsible in her prenatal care for her infant son (not necessarily incompatible with the previous accusation)
  • actually, the infant is her daughter's
  • no, the infant is hers, but now her daughter is pregnant, therefore invalidating abstinence advocacy programs for Alaskan kids that the Governor foolishly supports
  • Palin is cruel to her daughter by running for VP knowing her daughter is pregnant
  • Wasilli, Alaska had a budget of only 12 million dollars
  • she likes petroleum
  • she didn't command her National Guard when they were deployed to Iraq
  • the fact that the Mainstream Meatpackers are gurgling about these "facts" indicate John McCain made a reckless decision in choosing Sarah Palin

Look at this list of crap. It's easy to see what this is all about: it's the textbook definition of mudslinging. You throw as much crap at your opponent as fast as you can to cover them in it before they can wipe it off.

Welcome to Washington, Ms. Palin. Hang in there.