Saturday, September 15, 2007

Suppose ANSWER Held a Rally and Hardly Anybody Came?

The neo-Bolshevik group ANSWER Coalition held Yet Another March on Washington today, and wow! What a turnout! (Photo from Victory Caucus)
Age of Hooper chronicles this historic event.
Postscript: Well, we'll be fair - about 10,000 or so people showed up (about 1/11 th of those on hand for the Michigan-Notre Dame game). Certainly not the 100,000 that the ANSWER Ministry for Truth would claim. The Gathering of Eagles counterprotest was reasonably well attended, about a thousand or so. Perhaps the ratio of attendees between the two events is directly proportional to the unemployment rate of their memberships?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

General Petraeus Goes to Washington.

It must be wonderful to be convinced of the irrefutable and incontrovertable rightness of one's beliefs. It allows one complete license to smear and besmirch the reputation of people who have devoted their lives to the protection of the people of the United States and her Constitution. Such must be the case with the "citizens" at When the ends justify the means it brings such a feeling of holiness to what would otherwise be regarded as repugnant and despicable character assassination. What difference does it really make if you call a distinguished and devoted warrior a traitor? If it serves "the cause", then it's actually a sacrament to do just that.

MoveOn ran this ad regarding Gen. Petraeus in the New York Times today. It reminded us of a flyer that was passed out by another group of True Believers to a Dallas, Texas crowd some forty-four years ago, as they awaited the passing motorcade of their President:

Thanks,, for elevating the discourse on the Iraq War to such ethereal levels. You, too, may want to thank them personally at their comments page.