Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is Big Oil Undermining US Security?

Larry Kudlow has been dogging oil giants Shell, BP, and Total about selling the Pentagon refined petroleum with one hand while paying Iran for the crude with the other. That's money that goes to kill Americans in Afghanistan and build nuclear weapons.
More Bad News About Unicorns.

News reports indicate that they are close to extinction in Italy, too.
Yet Another "Emergency" Spending Bill.

Remember the bill to extend unemployment insurance for which Senator Jim Bunning had the cruelty to ask "who pays for it"? Well, get ready for another "emergency" job stimulus and tax loophole closing (tax and spend for short) bill coming from Congers. Pay as you go? Come on, that is soooo two months ago!

We are heading for a tipping point in cynicism of the people towards their government.