Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Letter to Our Congresscritter.

Dear Congressman Walberg,

During the 2010 election, the GOP advocated for serious budget reform. The American people concurred with their opinion and voted for a Republican majority for the House of Representatives. We now need for you and your House colleagues to demonstate to the American people that their trust placed in the GOP was justified.

The coming debt crisis is nothing less than the threat of financial insolvency of the United States. This crisis has now hit Europe, will soon hit Japan, and inevitably will be visited upon us if we do not act now. Yet the House leadership has recently backed away from any serious proposals for spending cuts; cutting thirty billion dollars from the budget is simply inadequate to prevent this looming disaster. It will take cuts of hundreds - hundreds - of billions of dollars from the budget make any substantial progress. These cuts will have to be made across the board - entitlements, defense, domestic and discretionary spending. Reductions of 25% in total federal spending are conceivable, and likely necessary in preventing our insolvency. It is not a choice of whether such austerity measures will need to be taken, it is whether they are done now on terms favorable to the interests of the United States, or otherwise forced upon us by our creditors. In either case, our current political leadership is charged with the unpleasant task of telling the American people that we cannot spend at continually accelerating rates, regardless of the nobility and good intentions of the proposals.

I ask you and your colleagues to provide the courageous leadership that is now needed to prevent financial catastrophe.