Friday, February 03, 2006

A Fundamental Question.

Here's one of the original copies of our Bill of Rights, the creation of men who proposed that God had bestowed upon a man the dignity of a unique identity and with it the inalienable value of fundamental rights and the pursuit of his happiness.
Twice in the course of our history, we have faced mortal threats to this proposition. The first threat was found within our own country, the corrupt belief that some men were the property of others and thereby could be denied these God-given rights. The second threat believed that the individual existed only to serve the State, and that therefore the concept of a Creator's gift of "inalienable rights" did not exist.

We pose this question: isn't it clear that we now facing another mortal threat, by those whose claim that human beings exist to serve self-proclaimed proxies for God, where death is ordained for those who fail to obey?

Here's a photo from an earlier "Cartoon War" (visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum for more information):