Thursday, January 13, 2005

Roundup for 12 January 2005:

Is Al Qaeda's permit in the mail?

The National Park Service, in a spasm of true stupidity, has granted the Leninist-Anarchist group ANSWER a permit to disrupt the inauguration at some prime real estate along the parade route:

A Wide Variety of Protest Planned for Inauguration (

Perhaps the Secret Service is applying the "Roach Motel" strategy, trying to concentrate all of the vermin in one location where they can be carefully monitored. I doubt it will play out like that, not with droogs like these:
...Anarchist Resistance said it will stage a "festive and rowdy march" from Franklin Square. A message posted on its Web site says: "There's nothing left to salvage in this empire that is the U.S. government. It's time to bring it down." ...

Doesn't this kind of statement fall under sedition laws - go directly to Gitmo, do not pass the welfare office, do not collect food stamps?

So how is it that...

Pathogens like ANSWER can spew their anarchist dreck, and their masked goon squads can bully those bystanders who happen to object to their offal, but a good guy like Thayrone X, host of the rockingest R&B radio show on Earth, gets canned by Clear Channel Communications for playing a song by the musical psychobilly satirist Unknown Hinson?