Saturday, January 26, 2008

Only the Lonely.

Willard "Mitt" Romney has few, if any, friends among his GOP rivals, so says the New York Times. We at Deaddrifts can only observe the "waves" that Mr. Romney emits: distance, discomfort, and an ersatz sincerity. It's not quantitative, it's perhaps a bit unfair - he might be a real mensch in familiar surroundings - but we have an uncomfortable feeling about him that is reinforced with his every appearance. These might be personality traits that a successful businessman or CEO must have; perhaps a different set is required for the office of President of the United States.

Friday, January 25, 2008

David Limbaugh's Test of Faith.

A column by David Limbaugh is now being parroted by the Establishment Republican Media as the Litany Against McCain. It serves as the ERM's Test of the Faith; to wit:

  • A Conservative does not criticize a sitting Republican president, ever, regardless of the effect of said President's actions on the national security.
  • A Conservative always supports tax cuts, even when a Republican Congress cannot not restrain its spending.
  • A Conservative believes that the problem of illegal aliens can be solved by literally rounding up millions of people in the United States and deporting them, with no possibility of mistakes nor violation of liberties of American citizens, nor consideration of extenuating circumstances (such as members of the Armed Forces with illegal alien parents).
  • A Conservative tortures enemy captives to extract information, regardless of the quality of said information.
  • A Conservative tears up the rules of the Senate, regardless of unintended consequences such as loss of the protection of said rules when Republican control of the Senate is lost.
  • A Conservative cannot believe in climate change, and cannot disagree with the Republican Establishment on environmental issues.
  • A Conservative cannot criticize the political positions adopted by Evangelical Christian groups.
  • A Conservative cannot criticize corporations. Theodore Roosevelt was mistaken in his "trust busting".

We just want make sure we've got it straight.

Come 'an Git It!

Uncle Sugar Daddy has backed the truck up and is tossing the hams out on the curb. The Old Folks might get hams, too. Our Gummint knows no bounds in its generosity; just send the bill to the kids.
Not Unexpected.

In an effort to make every delegate count - for her - Hillary starts pulling the strings to get the Michigan and Florida delegates reinstated for the party convention.

Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK's "Knock at Midnight" Sermon.

Bill Bennett featured this sermon on his MLK Day show. This sermon is quite prescient of our many present-day afflictions.
Masters of Our Fate.

Bill Kristol observes the unmodern qualities of John McCain.
Masters of Our Fate.

Bill Kristol observes the unmodern qualities of John McCain.
Stupefying Arrogance.

Hot Air points us to an article in the Tuscon Citizen about Mexican legislators complaining that the strong new Arizona law on businesses hiring illegals is leading to an excessive number of illegals returning to Mexico. One would hope the incongruity of this complaint will ultimately hit these distinguished representatives of the great Mexican state of Sorona like a 2x4 to the back of the head...but don't hold your breath.
Send in Chuck.

Mike Huckabee supporter Chuck Norris attempts a roundhouse kick on John McCain.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

VDH on McCain.

A rational, calming voice, trying to get the anti-McCainiacs off of the ledge.

Some Warning Symptoms of McCain Derangement Syndrome.

Associative Cognitive Dissonance - patient rants incessantly that McCain's stand on the Bush tax cuts demonstrated lack of conservative beliefs, while ignoring or dismissing runaway spending by Establishment Republican Congress. Foams at mouth about McCain's betrayal of 1st Amendment while exhibiting memory lapse about GWB signing same legislation (GWB stated at signing, "I believe that this legislation, although far from perfect, will improve the current financing system for Federal campaigns").

Must find McCain's life and character completely deficient, leading to citing dubious sources regarding the Senator's military record. This symptom may indicate patient need to view another's behavior as unassailably good or irredeembly evil. This symptom can also indicate Rushannitingrahamoulterlevine Worship.

Cannot project future consequences of beliefs or actions. For example, patient finds that it is sufficient to merely insist that *all* illegal aliens must return to native lands immediately, yet cannot articulate realistic and actionable plan to do so, and refuses to admit that present situation is defacto amnesty.

Must adhere to a strict orthodoxy, very similar to patients with BDS. For example, cannot permit other conservatives to advocate environmental stewardship since this entire topic has been historically deemed a concern only of the neo-Luddite Left.