Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Hard Left's Brownshirts in Action.

Antiwar and anarcho/anticapitalist protests frequently have these thugs in attendance. They destroy private property, silence counterdemonstrators (for example, see the video documentation provided by Protest Warriors), and send cops to hospitals. And you don't read, see, or hear anything about these brownshirts in the MSM. Shouldn't these punks be exposed to as much disinfecting sunlight as the KKK when it parades in bedsheets through a town square?

PS - some background on these hoods found at Front Page.
In Praise of the French.

Daniel Pipes claims France is a lot tougher on Islamofascists than the Brits. Pipes makes a few good points, but I doubt that a defending the wearing of a jilbab constitutes weakness in the face of terrorism. Nevertheless, plaudits to France.