Thursday, November 18, 2004

What's new on the Oil for Bribes Scandal:

The Boston Globe reports:

WASHINGTON -- Saddam Hussein's regime made more than $21.3 billion in illegal revenue by subverting the UN oil-for-food program and other sanctions -- more than double previous estimates, according to congressional investigators...

The findings also reflect a growing understanding by investigators of the intricate schemes Hussein used to buy support abroad for a move to lift UN sanctions...

"That humanitarian program was corrupted and exploited . . . for the most horrible and aggressive purpose" of raising money for Hussein's military, said Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Democrat of Connecticut.

But the committee's ranking Democrat, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, said "for the most part the UN sanctions achieved their intended objective of preventing Saddam from rearming and developing weapons of mass destruction."

Sure, Carl, like the dam before it burst, it was working perfectly!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Queen of Hearts pronounces judgement:

Clue-starved Chris Matthews in a "if I had some ham, I'd have ham & eggs, if I had some eggs" moment in his questioning to Ken Allard:

MATTHEWS: Well, let me ask you about this. If this were the other side and we were watching an enemy soldier, a rival -- I mean they're not bad guys, especially, just people that disagree with us. They are, in fact, the insurgents fighting us in their country. If we saw one of them do what we saw our guy do to that guy, would we consider that worthy of a war crimes charge?

Let's review the conversation before the shooting. I've attempted to identify one of the voices (not the Marine who shot, I believe), and I've added an emphasis at an important comment:

Marine 1: Any Marines in there?

Marine 2: Yeah, they're on the floor, far right, far right.

Marine 1: Coming around the back, hey, who's in here?

Marine 1: Coming around.

VOICE: What are you doing in here? (BLEEP).

Marine 1: That guy shot at my tank!(BLEEP).

VOICE: Yeah.

VOICE: Yeah.

Marine 1: Shot up my tank.

VOICE: Come in here.

VOICE: Yeah.

Marine 1: Did you shoot them?

Marine 1: Did they have any weapons on them?

VOICE: All right. These are the ones from yesterday.

VOICE: These are the ones they never picked up. Bleep.

OK - so this unit had just come under fire from the mosque. So perhaps it's a little more complicated than your cartoon, Chris.

Now, take a deep breath Chris, and we'll all just wait for the results of the inquiry. In the meantime, you may want to contemplate your assinine comment that the Sunni "insurgents" - by this we mean the group who enjoyed having their boot on the neck of eighty percent of the population of Hussein's Iraq, and really don't want to give that up for democracy - just "disagree" with us.