Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Are A Bank!

We at Deaddrifts have decided that if you can't fight the lurch toward socialism of our economy, you might as well fight for your place in line for the Government Cheese. Therefore, we declare ourselves to be a bank and insist we are entitled to a handout. And if this doesn't work, we will consider building cars...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

But Just to Make it Perfectly Clear...

Mr. Obama will become our President, and we him success. He will need all of the support, good wishes, and prayers that Americans can muster; to quote Lincoln, "the occasion is piled high, and we must rise with the occasion." Where we find ourselves in opposition to the President, we will voice our opposition in a civil and intellectually honest manner. No brainless wailing of "Obama Taxed, Jobs Axed!" or the like will be found here. As of now it appears that ambition, namely, Mr. Obama's desire to be successful, is overriding ideology. But we shall see as the events transpire.
The Case of the Vanishing Iraq Policy Statement.

A few days ago, we mentioned the rather detailed plan that was unveiled for Iraq at, Mr. Obama's official transition site. That page has now been removed. Amazing what a dose of reality (courtesy a presidential briefing) can bring about.

Note Bene: Wizbang reports that most of the lofty policy plans from the Obama campaign have now vanished from This risks making Mr. Soros angry. You don't want to make Mr. Soros angry.

No doubt over-zealous Obamites thought it was only reasonable to transcribe the campaign bombast to the honest-to-goodness we're-on-the-hook-for-this-now transition plans.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Combustible Courage.

Winston Churchill was derided by Lord Haw-Haw for possessing "liquid courage", i.e. bravery from a cognac decanter. If so, we few (we happy few?) might rally with a snifter of Remy Martin 1738. In the meantime, we have procured a good supply of Rocky Patel Rosado, Punch, Padron, and Arturo Fuente Churchills to soldier on through the winter.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Change Some Can Buy Into.

The background of some of Mr. Obama's economic advisers, and their substantial financial contributions to his campaign (found on Instapundit).