Monday, April 08, 2013

OBF - Obama Bombast Fatigue

Today President Obama led a Connecticut crowd into a frenzied ecstacy for gun control laws that would not have prevented the tragedies that the White House has exploited to push for this legislation.

The President thrives on this stuff. He loves the sugar rush of affirming crowds that accept platitudes and tabernacle oratory as policy. He's become bored with the day to day real problems of our country and our role in the world if they can't be solved quickly by the mere presence of his wonderfulness. Meanwhile, we sense the tide of history going out our country. Our economy is enfeebled, the achievements in Iraq and Afghanistan made with enormous sacrifice are frittered away, and the national fabric is in tatters from four years of class, race and gender warfare. We shelve dreams of great achievements and turn inward, to fight for meaningless gun laws and to force all citizens to applaud two men on a wedding cake. We are becoming a silly people and an object of contempt for the Rising Powers.