Thursday, December 11, 2008

Were So Sorry, Guvna' Granholm...

Jennifer Granholm did not make the cut as Secretary of Energy for the Obama Administration, and alas, she must trudge back the Great Lakes State and complete her second term as our governor. It's too bad she was so busy auditioning for Team O; the Detroit Three really could have used her up on The Hill to provide political cover for them as they were pilloried by the many Moronic Congresscritters. In fact, she seems to have been nearly invisible during most of the recent Big Three Crisis.
So Be It.

Tom Brokaw chastised Mr. Obama for continuing to smoke cigarettes. We say: hike up your skirt Mrs. Brokaw, and mind your own business. If the man wants/needs a smoke - and he is an adult - then he is free to puff away. Yes, there are serious health risks, and it's not our choice but his (perhaps we'll encourage him to abandon the coffin nails with a box of Punch Rare Corojos).