Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pass the Wild Turkey, Please!

If you are not yet convinced of the psychotic disaster that is the Stimulus Spending, consider this: Uncle Sugar Daddy will be plunking nearly a billion bucks in Michigan to pursue such projects as a Neat-O Futuristic Keen high-speed rail line to connect Ann Arbor to the Cool Places. But meanwhile the roads in Michigan will go unrepaired; Michigan cannot provide matching funds for road repair, and therefore the federal government will be withdrawing their contribution. But as our teeth rattle over the potholes, we can take comfort in the Fantastic High-Speed Rail Report that will be produced.
And So It Begins...

Massachusetts Congerscritter Barney Frank has decided to override the decision of GM's management to close their 90-employee warehouse in Mr. Frank's district, no doubt reminding CEO Fritz Henderson of the facilities' critical role in carmaker's resurrection.