Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Week.

NPR, Gary Keillor, The Nation editor Mistress Katrina Von Hoofenderfloogle, Kief Ubermann and the We Are the World Usual Suspects are getting the vapors in anticipation of the most holy event of our lifetime: the Installation of Pope Barack I. Keillor on a recent Prairie Home Angst, retold the Gospel story of the sojourn of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem as that of Michelle and Barack to Washington. We agree with the National Review, such an analogy is just creeeepy. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Alexander, chair of African-American Studies at Yale, has been tapped to deliver the Inaugural Poem. According to a background piece at the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, her credentials are steeped in art and politics , the politics of art, and the art of politics. Ahh, shall we close our eyes and swoon in rapture to verses of neo-Socialist Realism? The baking of bread as a political statement? A Man and His Tractor? Will the cornicopia of ethnogendercreeds be given each a moment in the sun during the soliloquy? We'll have a big box of Kleenex on hand to soak up our tears of joy. We will also have box on hand to soak up the tears of grief as the Super-Colossal Extravagonzo Stimulus Cheese Wheel is rolled down Capitol Hill.