Friday, September 07, 2007

Ron Paul, Visionary Genius and Prophet.

Before the ZOG can implant the brain-control chips, they'll have to take out Iran...

Thanks to Ace of Spades for this perfect summary of Herr Doktor Paul:

...a conspiratorially-minded populist demogogue with the kind of ruthlessly reductivist thinking required by the simple-minded to make sense of a complex world.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The New Hampshire GOP Bull Session.

Can we vote a few of these guys off the island now? Misters Brownback, Huckabee, Tancredo, thanks for coming in, but we're going in a different direction. Mr. Romney, you look marvelous, but...well, you look great. And will security please escort Mr. Paul out of the building immediately...

By the way it's amazing how the PaulKooks have clogged the search engines with their propaganda triggered on "republican debate". And do I detect the odor of anti Semitism in a few of Mr. Paul's answers?
The Suit.

Mitt Romney is handsome and owns great hair. He wears his suit very well. His handlers' strategy is clear: keep him smiling, keep his contribution in policy debates to Miss America platitudes, and let the money and organization run its course. God help the GOP.
Ban Popcorn Now!

We must stop the scourge of "yellow-lung" caused by the selfish demand for buttered popcorn in bars, restaurants, theatres, and other public places. Do it for the children!
Auf Wiedersehen.

Volkswagen announced today it was moving its headquarters out of Michigan to Virginia:
A message from Stefan Jacoby to Volkswagen of America employees: Dear Colleagues:Good morning. Today we are announcing a new strategic direction for our Company that will allow us to grow our U.S. business by fostering a culture of fresh ideas and bold thinking — and connecting better with our customers...

The message that VW sent was that being Michigan-based would not help provide VW the imagination and creativity to compete in the automobile industry. VW's exit and the shuttering of Pfizer's R&D facility in Ann Arbor suggest that the Governor's dream to make Michigan the vertex for high-valued added jobs is floundering.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fishing the Pere Marquette.
A tough eight-hour wade in the Flies Only section produced a few fiesty rainbows on a variety of dry flies. It was very tough fishing. The monster browns laid in the deep pools and watched the entertainment. The author also received two full-immersion baptisms in the legendary river. Alas, a Padron Churchill did not survive the first dunking.