Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hammering Credit Cards into Swords.

Tom "The Hammer" DeLay, inexplicably, hands the MSM and the Dems yet another sword in the form of a lobbyist's credit card. Lazy, sloppy, and inattentive to the need to be more chaste than Caesar's wife after last year's ethics reprimand, we now find out that DeLay's congressional office permitted a lobbyist to arrange and front his St. Andrews golf and public policy junket.

It doesn't matter that ultimately the NCPPR may have appropriately reimbursed the lobbyists' the front money (not determined as of this morning's press) - it's incredibly, mindblowingly stupid to conduct your business as a Chief Congresscritter in a manner for allow such an impression to be formed. Stupid, stupid, stupid! (Plan 9 from Outer Space) You idiot. Security will escort you to the door; you have 15 minutes to clear out your desk as House Majority Leader.

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Trotsky said...

I find myself troubled by the Republicans that have run on a platform of bring ethics back to Congress, and yet have a man such as this as one of their leaders.

It isn't just the situation with the Trip to the St. Andys course, but a long string of bad trip choices (it is a bit of a Travelgate for The Hammer). The trip to Russia, the Trip to Korea (as a foriegn agent no less. What, the American Government and our special interests aren't paying enough anymore?) He should have never allowed the situation with Abramoff to occur, especially as a man of espoused ethics.

There is also the the Ethics Committee issue. Eliminating people from your own party because they should dare to call you on your poor choices. Boy, that looks good for a man of ethics. For a group that moves in lock step, that must have meant he finally really screwed up to be called by his own (excuse me, those of his own with enough ethics and guts to fall from the party junta).

Then how about the lovely threats made to Michigan Rep Nick Smith. To threaten to tank the man's son in his bid for his father's seat, that is definitely a low road. People can say what they want about Rep Smith retracting his statement, there was enough stink to start an investigation.

You have to love a party that talks of ethics, but rushes to change the rules for the Hammer (Hammer, don't hurt 'em). And then he wants to talk of revisionist and activist judges, some of which are of his own political leaning.

He stinks, it is time to bury the body and be done!