Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Unliveable Border.

Life for Americans on the southern border is melting down fast. Deadly cars crashes with speeding trucks packed with illegal aliens, gunplay between ranch owners and drug runners, the killing of NPS rangers, backpacks of drugs cached on homeowners' property, and strange "vistors" in the dead of night. The daily crap-shoot of life, courtesy of the United States Government, is being journaled at Desert Views.


Trotsky said...

I would look to your own favorite party regarding the idea of legitimizing the existing immigrants. The idea of giving ID cards to illegal immigrants is just amazing. The fact that there are republicans that support this is remarkable.

In light of the events you cite, these members of congress and even there esteemed leader, Shrub the Lesser (GW for those not in the know)support bad policy. Is it that the republicans tend to be popular in these often religiously conservative immigrant populations. It is interesting that they would propose that we help to fund the fiscal health of Mexico in this manner.

I am definitely not against legal immigrants, but this is the most absurd idea the republicans could espouse. They talk about law, then propose something that that is an attempt to legitimize an illegal activity. And they give such grief to the Dems, please.

RollCast said...

No arguement from me - W's stand on this just stinks.