Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bring it On.

In the last week we've learned that the Dems' declaration of "unacceptable...radical...extremist" judicial nominations was just milquetoast: a judge previously regarded as a troglodyte can suddenly be acceptable for a lifetime federal appointment by a 82-18 majority in the Senate. Provided a certain senator can get the satisfaction of political payback. Now the Dems are threatening fillbuster on the Bolton UN appointment. Well, go ahead...make our day. Go right ahead and paralyze the Senate's ability to get the people's business done for the sake of rejecting an appointment that reasonable people - even those in your own party - find acceptable. You go right ahead and become the "Party of Nyet". No ideas for Social Security and Medicare reform, no ideas on the WOT, no ideas for UN reform, no ideas for a realistic energy policy, no ideas on education, no ideas on stopping illegal immigration...just no, no, no.

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