Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brown Strikes Back.

Former FEMA head Michael Brown has decided he is not going to be a patsy. He gave a spirited defense of FEMA to a House committee of the Agency's actions during Katrina. And he said the words that others have dared not speak - that the Louisiana and New Orleans governments were disfunctional in the crisis. For an unspun, unfiltered account of this, watch the recorded testimony at C-SPAN.

Where is the truth? It would be cliche' to say that it falls somewhere between FEMA, Louisiana, and New Orleans. For example, Brown did not explain why the response to the Gulf coast in Alabama and Mississippi was similarly sluggish. But what is truly flabbergasting is the boycott by the Democrats of the hearings. Nancy Pelosi's accusations are ridiculous; these hearings are far too publicly visible to be a whitewash - the truth can be discovered in them. For heaven's sakes, if there is any legitimate value for congressional investigations, where partisanship has to be put aside, this inquiry would be the case.

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Jim said...

Even the Republicans questioning Brown were "stunned" by his lack of accountability.