Monday, November 28, 2005

Repudiating Intelligent Design.

The real issue behind Intelligent Design is not the clash between science and religion. It is the promotion of a pseudoscientific "theory" in order to advocate for "required" explicit evidence for divine intervention in creation of the universe. The Vatican Observatory's Father George Coyne remarks that the thinking faithful need not subscribe to this notion:

In a June article in the British Catholic magazine The Tablet, Father Coyne reaffirmed God's role in creation, but said science explains the history of the universe. "If they respect the results of modern science, and indeed the best of modern biblical research, religious believers must move away from the notion of a dictator God or a designer God, a Newtonian God who made the universe as a watch that ticks along regularly."

It's been particularly frustrating during the ID brouhaha to hear little from "scientists of faith" who concur with Coyne. The ID controversy is a very old arguement that has been revisted many times in the last few centuries. This problem is partly the fault of ignorant bullhorns, a cliche'-addicted press, and thoughful believers who left the public square on many issues years ago.

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