Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Hard Left's Brownshirts in Action.

Antiwar and anarcho/anticapitalist protests frequently have these thugs in attendance. They destroy private property, silence counterdemonstrators (for example, see the video documentation provided by Protest Warriors), and send cops to hospitals. And you don't read, see, or hear anything about these brownshirts in the MSM. Shouldn't these punks be exposed to as much disinfecting sunlight as the KKK when it parades in bedsheets through a town square?

PS - some background on these hoods found at Front Page.


Trotsky said...

Brown shirts? What horrible rhetoric. Hate and anger just create more of themselves. Jon Stewart was right to tell us we no longer debate, we inflame, denigrate and make sound bites. Discussion doesn't use these terms, intelligent discussion doesn't at least. And saying the other side does it doesn't make it right. To take a moral high road, you have to leave this foolishness behind and move on to real discussion.

They may be wrong, but there are better ways to write this discussion, and you should chose them, you are much smarter and well spoken than to fall back to this kind of rhetoric. It hurts me to see a great mind bog itself down in all the things that prevent real, honest and open debate.

RollCast said...


Do you know about the thugs I'm talking about? These guys attack cops, beat up counterprotestors, smash and loot shops and stores along the path of demonstration. Do you remember the anti WTO riots in Seattle - this is the stuff that's happening. They've been shown over and over and over in amateur videos shot by counterprotestors. And precious little is shown by the MSM.

What would you call them?

Trotsky said...

Sure these guys are wrong, but the minute you start the rhetoric it all gets lost. Call them a thug, I absolutely agree with thug.

But remember that there are many peaceful people who get beaten up, spit on, sprayed with mace.

Both sides are wrong when they step beyond bounds of good conduct.

It reduces a discussion when you use rhetoric. Notice I never defended them, my belief is that I am hoping not to see you fall victim to soundbitism