Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Healthy Media, and Otherwise.

Jill Carroll has released a statement through the Christian Science Monitor, disavowing her condemnation of the United States and President Bush. There has been fierce criticism of some of the blogosphere that jumped down her throat for her original statements - now known to have been made under coersion - with some bloggers even suggesting the worst. Here at Deaddrifts we were, in all honesty, waiting for precisely this type of statement from Carroll, and it was welcomed news.

The question as to whether the blogosphere overreacted in this case is completely appropriate. That part of this new media jumped to conclusions should not be surprising, for it is a diverse universe of skills, opinions, and yes, motives. The blogosphere admits to these flaws and foilbles. What was pleasing to observe was the speed at which the allegations of Carroll's collusion were disputed by bringing new information to the discussion, and with this the revealing of the truth, and even the changing of opinions.

This should be contrasted to the herd mentality of the Mainstream Meatpackers, who tremble at challenging the Upper West Side's prejudices in interpreting the events of the world, while claiming a universal and supernatural impartiality.

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