Monday, May 01, 2006

Cramer rates Couric a Sell.

Tim Russert was looking for supportive righteous indignation when he asked Jim Cramer about the obscene, criminal, rapacious, and predatory gasoline pricing by ExxonMobil. But Cramer didn't take the bait:

MR. RUSSERT: ...and do you believe the oil companies have been adding on a little bit extra profit?

MR. CRAMER: I, I think if they could drill they would drill. If they could refine more, they would. These are companies that are run for the shareholders, but they’re run to be able to produce as much oil as we can possibly use. They want to do that. Lee Raymond, he, he generated $67 billion in profits for his shareholders. I think that that’s a reasonable return, $144,000 a day. Katie Couric makes $85,000 a day. What value has she created vs. 67 billion by Lee Raymond?

MR. RUSSERT: Well, to the “Today” show and to the millions of viewers?

Let's analyze Tim's last question: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!


Frost said...

It still begs the question: Is any man or woman deserving of that much money as a salary? What does this person do that deserves that much money. I am not against earning money, but that is a rather distrubing sum for anyone to make (Couric included).

RollCast said...

It's for the shareholders to decide, and the shareholders evaluate the compensation in the context of value returned. To say that it's "disturbing" is just an subjective evaluation that hangs in the air supported by nothing. Perhaps others would think a million a year or even less is "disturbing"?