Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just Answer the Letter, Joe.

I sent an e-mail letter to my Congerscritter Joe Schwarz, expressing my strong opposition to Senate's version of the "Comprehensive" Immigration Reform Act (advocating that he oppose many of its provisions when it comes to conference). So far, silence. But we did recieve a slick Schwarz for Congress flyer from his reelection committee, reminding us that Fightin' Joe is gonna get tough on the borders. We were not impressed.


pbstandard said...

Michelle Malkin is an anchor baby!

RollCast said...

Please keep comments relevant to blog entry.

pbstandard said...

He reads the comments? Who knew?

Er, maybe not very closely, though. I did actually think that my comment was relevant to blog entry. Blog entry was about immigration reform legislation, and author's preference for enforcement. I share author's preference. Comment was about Michelle (!Malkin) Maglalang, whose father may have achieved permanent resident alien status due to his wife being pregnant with MM while said parents were here with temporary status.

And also I thought relevant, MM's views that how, if an immigrant of, say, Japanese ethnicity, were to be here legally, and even, say, naturalized, it would be fine with MM if said Japanese ethnic US citizen were rounded up and held in internment camps. (I make a distinction here with the detainees in Gitmo, for whom I care not the least. Which doesn't reflect well on me, but, there it is.) But the WWII internment was not, shall we say, Rollcast's cousin's finest moment.

RollCast said...

You're soooo snarky.