Sunday, January 27, 2008

Double-Checking McCain's Stand on Illegal Aliens.

A question was asked of McCain at recent town-hall meeting in Florida about his Hispanic Outreach Director, a Mr. Juan Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez is a vocal supporter of what appears to be a dual-citizenship status for illegal Mexican aliens now in the United States. Here's the transcript of the exchange at the town hall meeting (from
Hot Air):

QUESTION: Senator McCain, I thank you so much for your service … as an Irish … my parents and grandparents both came here … I so much want to vote for you, I have one concern … straight talk … it is you have an outreach - Hispanic outreach person - on your staff, Juan Hernandez, and he has said that he understands why Social Security … because we don’t allow the immigrants to get their own, so it’s ok for him that we steal other Americans Social Security. He also has written a book called “The New American Pioneers” about comparing illegal immigrants not [with] legal immigrants … I wonder if you agree with his policy? If so, explain it to me and if not why is he on your staff?

SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN: He’s on my staff because he supports my policies and my proposals and my legislative proposal to secure the borders first. No one will receive social security benefits who is in this country illegally. I don’t know what his previous positions are or other positions are, he supports mine. I have nothing to do with his. He has volunteered to help me with outreach to our Hispanic citizenry as I outreach to every citizen in America. I’ve been very clear on my position on immigration; I’ve been very clear on my position on Social Security. Of course I am grateful that so many people came from Ireland to the United States of American and anybody else who come here legally and that’s the only system I will ever support. I have no idea but I will check in to the information you’ve given me. I promise you, I will secure our borders, I will not allow anyone to come here illegally, I will not allow anyone to receive Social Security or any other benefits because they have come here illegally and broken our laws.

Senator, make sure this guy understands that he works for you, not vice-versa. And does he really sign up to your point of you expressed in your answer to this question? If not, show him the door now.

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