Monday, January 07, 2008

Mitt's Tax Fuzziness.

Mitt Romney has been trumpeting his 'git-er-done' record on taxes and budgeting. But as Annenberg's Fact Check shows, the record is not quite as good as Mitt claims:

  • Romney doubled "fees" (read TAXES) and changed corporate tax structures that hiked taxes by $500M.
  • Romney submitted budgets that cut personal income taxes. However, none of those budgets were adopted by the Massachusetts Legislature. Their state tax rate still stands at a flat 5.3%.
  • His budget cutting was essentially window dressing ($10M) except for cuts to higher and primary education ($400M)
  • He was able to close a $1.2B budget shortfall - no easy feat - but not the $3B he claims.

Romney has pounded McCain on his lack of faith on the Bush tax cuts, but the Republican Congress of 2001-2006 went hog wild with spending to cement their hold on power and paid the price. This is a real source of congnitive dissonance with many in the GOP who love cutting taxes but also love pork patronage.

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