Friday, March 14, 2008

Heavy Flak Over Obamaburg.

Questions about Barack Obama's association with the recently retired pastor of Chicago Trinity United Church of Christ, Jeremiah Wright have forced Obama's hand; he has now removed Wright from any official association with his campaign. Obama, in an interview on Fox News, has also stated the following: he never attended a sermon in which Wright made one of his now infamous statements, and if he had been he would have quit the church. These assertions may be very problematic to the Obama campaign, for given Wright's relentless stridency, it is unlikely that the publicized comments were anomalous to anything else he would have said on any given Sunday, and Obama's association with Wright is a very deep twenty year history. And apologetics for Wright by Obama proxies, requiring that one views Wright while standing on one's head, is just an insult to intelligence.

Similarly, and no less emphatically, John McCain needs to jettison Pastors Hagee and Parsley. Hagee's anti-Catholic and Parsley's anti-Islamic views are as un-American as the rants of Wright.

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