Monday, March 31, 2008

A Religious Icon.

The ubiquitous Obama Symbol is giving us the creeps. It is, in our opinion, a deliberately religous symbol. Note the association with the (Easter?) sunrise over the land, and the overarching "O" of the heavens. Some serious Psy-Ops was put into designing this logo. And, as stated earlier, this thing is everywhere at the Obama website, a loving, yet watchful eye on the citizen - like HAL9000.

In this fortnight's National Review Jonah Goldberg describes the troubling symbiosis of "progressive" (statist) politics and the messianic spin of Obamism.

Peter Wehner compiles of list of essential questions that Obama needs to answer in the matter of the right Reverend Wright.

Richard John Neuhaus describes the excusing of Wright's remarks as the "soft bigotry of low expectations".


Lisa said...

Are you insane? Do you also believe that the devil put fossils on the earth to trick us, so we wouldn't believe in evolution and the fact that dinosaurs lived on this earth before us?

Nichole said...

Yes Obama deliberately decided his name should start with an O so when he ran for president he could use it for a hidden religious message. And besides it was designed to be the sun rising over farm fields you know since he''s from Illinois. Your comments have no evidence no reasoning behind them. I second Lisa's comment.

Katie said...

i second nichole & (third?) lisa. you're comments are outrageous, do yourself some good & get a life.