Friday, March 07, 2008

Suffering Fools.

Video and transcript of Mac's exchange with a self-entitled Times reporter Elisabeth Bumiller*. Note the "why are you so angry?" cheap shot she makes. You'd think she'd be smart enough to understand that Mac's antibodies might be up against Times reporters, and just shut up and let the grown ups ask the questions.

A day after the assassination of JFK, a reporter asked Harry Truman to disclose the details of a private conversation between Truman and Lyndon Johnson that had just transpired. Truman served up a generous serving of condescension that the dimwitted reporter deserved. Mac dealt with Bumiller in a manner that she had earned.

*Bumiller posed the question, "Two and a half years later, do you (President Bush) feel any sense of personal responsibility for September 11th?" Sheez - talk about third rater.

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