Monday, July 07, 2008

Obama's Cynical Iraq Ploy.

Barack Obama now claims to be "refining" his position on Iraq, causing the Hard Left to void their bowels. He gained their rabid support because of his virulent anti-war stand, with an effective pledge to unilaterally and unconditionally withdraw US forces from Iraq within sixteen months...a "nuance-free" position. This was the issue with which he snatched the Democrat nomination from Hillary.

The Hard Left has nothing to fear: Obama's "refined" Iraq position is much more likely than not to be bait for sane Democrats and Independents to think that he's not such a delusional guy on Iraq. Obama was born and raised into the Hard Left, has made his national political bones with an extremely radical leftist view of Iraq, the War on Islamofacism, foreign policy, wealth redistribution, nationalization of health care, etc. As to the Radical Agenda, he is a True Believer. Once in power, he will throw the "refined" stand on Iraq under the bus. When he does so, he will no doubt give a very eloquent speech that will make Chris Matthews and Keith Obermann weep. And moderate Dems will be left holding guaranteed leases to the Brooklyn Bridge, and we can all contemplate the loss of thousands of brave Americans for nothing.

We fear that too many of our fellow Americans will be snookered by this fellow.

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