Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's War.

This week President Obama ended his rope-a-dope of the Center-Right and launched an attack against American capitalism. He is: (i) repealing the Bush tax cuts and raising the highest Federal tax rate to 40%, (ii) increasing taxes on the energy industry, (iii) limiting tax relief from mortgage interest, (iv) reinstating the Death Tax, (v) raising capital gains taxes, (vi) raising taxes on successful small businesses*, (vii) increasing federal intervention in the health care industry, (viii) instituting a carbon cap and trade program on American industries, and (viii) dismantling private enterprise student loans. He capped off the week with the destruction of private capital investments in banks.

Wall Street, the source of investment capital needed for recovery, aborted productive uses of finance in favor of "Obama-proof" portfolios: more treasuries, gold, cash, and international stocks poised to benefit from an unfettered Chinese recovery and protected from Obama wealth-redistribution.

The Administration and Congers are fanatically devoted to the notion that The Government will grow us out of this mess, as if they have discovered a perpetual-motion machine.

*Example of such a small business: owner of three convienience stores. A good store will, after expenses, net the owner about $100K per year in profits. Such a store also pays two additional employees $85K in wages and benefits.

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