Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Drives What at Obama Motors.

They've been assigned to save the American Automobile Industry. It's time to meet the heroes of Obama Motors and the cars they drive:

  • Steve Rattner, the "Car Czar", hedge-fund manager, specialist in media mergers and alumnus of the Council for Foreign Relations. Drives a Lexus, an Audi, and slums it with a Lincoln Town Car.
  • Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner drives an Acura.
  • Larry Summers, White House Economic Adviser, is a Mazda Man.
  • OMB Head Peter Orzag loves his Honda.
  • Carbon-hating Carol Browner doesn't own a car, nor does Energy Secretary Stephen Chu.
  • EPA Chief Lisa Jackson raves about her Prius and her Honda minivan!
Not a Real American Car Guy ("guy" in the generic sense) among them. God help GM and Chrysler.

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