Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Time for All Things.

Like Milton in Office Space, Utah Senator Robert Bennett just can't accept that he is being let go. The Nattering Nabobs are mourning Bennett's loss: how could the rabble* turn out such a marvelous patrician and "cut short" a stellar political career?

Because if we accept a Ruling Class, as many in the Beltway do, we are doomed. It's not a lifetime appointment; you serve at the pleasure of the people and the support of your party. Bennett, from what we can discern, has been a fine public servant. But there is a time for all things, and if he has thrived courtesy of the Utah GOP, then may wilt by them as well. Bob, make sure to take your fern on the way out, and tell Arlen Specter he has thirty minutes to collect his stuff. If you choose to run as an independent, you are free to do so. You may want to consult with Joe Lieberman.

*A gushing fan of Adlai Stevenson confessed to him, "Mr. Stevenson, all of the thinking people of America are voting for you!". "Madam", replied Stevenson, "that is not sufficient...I need a majority".

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