Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lisa Heart Pork!

Presumptive Senator-reelect Lisa Morekowbell Merkofski Mooorrrkkouzky M%$#@*..ththt Myxlplyx Murkowski (R), citing Alaska's recent entry into the Union(!), has vowed to fight for her right to earmark taxpayer money from the Lower 48 for Noble Projects for the Last Frontier.

A list of these projects, all $80M of them for 2010, are listed here. Note that many of these are defense projects. The DoD normally specifies (earmark) all of the spending in their budget, so these projects presumably are those that Senator M. added as being, in her judgement, critical to the mission of our armed forces.

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe (R), and Mississippi's Thad Cochran (R, and Earmark Champion) have also vowed to nip the ears of Porky, too.

(Visual: John Q. Public, wearing a five-dollar suit and straw boater, holding a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge. Caption: "You mean they lied to me?")

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