Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina Blow-Out.

Fierce winds caused by Hurricane Katrina are now blowing in - Washington, DC, of course. FEMA head Michael Brown has "resigned", replaced by a veteran firefighter. Good move - time to focus on FEMA activities, not personalities. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu gave her state and local authorities a complete pass on their handling of the Katrina disaster, placing blame squarely on the White House for inadequately funding municipal mass transit. She's got a point: all of those extra buses could have been - just as wasted as the scores of waterlogged buses that are presently sitting in the New Orleans municipal bus yard. And that was the coherent part of the Landrieu's Ophelia-like monologue directed at Fox's Chris Wallace. You can watch it here, courtesy of Political Teen. Meanwhile, Barbara Bush does what she does best. If you don't know what you want to say, perhaps you shouldn't say anything, Bar.

My prescription for this irritating malady is to open your checkbook and write one out to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. Your blood pressure will drop, and your mind will be cleared of those icky dismemberment thoughts.

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