Friday, April 21, 2006

Chasin' that Demon in the Thin Air.

Scott Crossfield, test pilot extraordinare and one of the fastest men alive, has died in the crash of the plane he was flying.

Leviathan's Tenacles on Free Speech.

George Will observes that the McCain-Feingold Law is expanding its reach in supressing free political speech.

Ethanol's Unintended Consequences.

Ethanol is being touted as the snake-oil to cure our petroleum ills, but of course it isn't mentioned that (i) it costs a good deal of oil energy to produce and distribute it, (ii) the logistics of blending it with gasoline are a real headache, causing supply disruptions, and increased prices. This NYT article explains some of these problems.

Forty Cents on the Dollar.

Nigeria is paying off its $30 billion debt - well $12 billion of it. But, as Jim Cramer would say, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye. And it's made possible by petroleum revenues, with the help of Big Oil.

Hillary's Tax Visions.

Remember Hillary's "get used to higher taxes" speech in SF a few years back? Larry Kudlow reports that she's at it again.

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