Monday, April 17, 2006

Discard the China Card.

Jay Nordlinger of National Review talked with Bill Bennett this morning, reminding us of the abuse of human rights in Red China so that we can get cheap cute "Simpsons" slippers.

Meaning What We Say.

The AP (via WaPo) reports that Iran would upgrade the centrifuges of its nuclear program so that enriched uranium will be produced rapidly in large quantities - making an Iranian bomb truly possible.

When the world superpowers took the first steps toward nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, they surely must have contemplated the possibility that some rogue state would ignore all calls by the civilized world to cease and desist from building a bomb. What did they conclude that civilization would have to do in such a circumstance?

It's Leviathan's Suppertime.

Yes, it's Tax Day. Here's to the Procrastinators - Huzzah! Depicted by the Mainstream Meatpackers as boobs or delinquents, Deaddrifts salutes their steadfast resolve. As with Crockett, Travis, and Bowie, they hold back overpowering forces as long as humanly possible, contributing in some small and symbolic, but not insignificant way in slowing the juggernaut of the ever growing, consuming State.

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Karen said...

I think you would like listening to The language is sometimes a little fowl, but the political satire is priceless.