Friday, January 25, 2008

David Limbaugh's Test of Faith.

A column by David Limbaugh is now being parroted by the Establishment Republican Media as the Litany Against McCain. It serves as the ERM's Test of the Faith; to wit:

  • A Conservative does not criticize a sitting Republican president, ever, regardless of the effect of said President's actions on the national security.
  • A Conservative always supports tax cuts, even when a Republican Congress cannot not restrain its spending.
  • A Conservative believes that the problem of illegal aliens can be solved by literally rounding up millions of people in the United States and deporting them, with no possibility of mistakes nor violation of liberties of American citizens, nor consideration of extenuating circumstances (such as members of the Armed Forces with illegal alien parents).
  • A Conservative tortures enemy captives to extract information, regardless of the quality of said information.
  • A Conservative tears up the rules of the Senate, regardless of unintended consequences such as loss of the protection of said rules when Republican control of the Senate is lost.
  • A Conservative cannot believe in climate change, and cannot disagree with the Republican Establishment on environmental issues.
  • A Conservative cannot criticize the political positions adopted by Evangelical Christian groups.
  • A Conservative cannot criticize corporations. Theodore Roosevelt was mistaken in his "trust busting".

We just want make sure we've got it straight.

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