Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Fog Rolls In.

If you haven't formed at least a tentative decision for which presidential candidate to cast your ballot, you may have waited too long. A thick, blinding, anesthetizing fog is now descending on the election, as the political parties take control of the media communications. The gases of partisan half-truths, fibs, and whoppers, belched by an unending procession of party apparatchiks on the Meatpacker Networks, obscure the voter's vision needed to answer the "Core Questions" of the election. These questions are: what are the fundamental philosophies of governance of each candidate, and which candidate has the best record of judgement, leadership, experience, and ethics? It's a short list. The answers to these questions will shape the decision-making all the other nuts-and-bolts issues. Unfortunately, it may now be impossible to discern the answers to the Core Questions.


PbStandard said...

Shorter RollCast: McCain lies with every breath and Palin is Agnew in a skirt. Pay no attention, vote McCain. If we don't hang together we'll surely hang separately. Wait, look over there, a pony!

RollCast said...

Need Beano?